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We design industrial mixing tools tailored to your needs. Our solutions are designed to meet all your needs and your business in order to facilitate mixing of your products. Agitators, aerators, mixers submerged, reagents and other products, TMI guides you and assist you in the best choice.


Recognized autor in the conception and water treatment equipment manufacturing since almost 30 years, we have manufactured more than 25.000 machines operating around the world.

In each family of materials we promote our catalog products but we adopt ourselves without problems at the specifications who lead us to special machines called « tailored».

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Our actualities

The wall pass agitator

29.03 2022

The geometry of some tanks does not allow the installation of pendulum agitators, so there is a different system that solves this problem Fixed to the outside of the tank by a flange, the wall pass agitator makes it possible to agitate horizontally at the bottom of the tank

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Shelter your machines

03.02 2022

You don’t have a building to set up your machine and you don’t want to build a shelter ? You have a one-off treatment to perform on a site ? You want to intervene regularly on several sites with a single equipment ?

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The autolift

21.10 2021

For polymer preparation stations or any type of reagent, the powder consumption can be very high, so it is not possible to consider manual filling.TMI therefore offers the AUTOLIFT solution which allows the unloading of bags or big-bags in a …

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Special materials and coatings

20.07 2021

It happens that some chemical components are not compatible with the 316L stainless steel that we offer as standard, such as acids, chlorine or iodine. We therefore offer…

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