A recognized performer in the design and manufacture of water treatment equipment for nearly 37 years, we have manufactured more than 40,000 machines that operate in 4 corners of the world.

In each family of materials we promote our products catalogs but we adapt without difficulty to specifications leading to special machines called MADE TO MEASURE“.

In this chapter we give you some non-exhaustive examples of what we are able to do. Our first concern is to respect an essential rule “Our material must be READY TO CONNECT”, and to do this we must respect the basic interfaces of the establishment and constraints of the destination site. The dimensional constraints, the constraints of climates, of tension, … bring us for these cases to study of arrangements, special adaptations.

Each family of our products carries with it “on measures” own.

Tailored agitators

For this family, we often have “made to measure”

  • Rotation sensors
  • Vibration sensors
  • Temperature sensors

The lantern guide had to integrate all this and led to a study and special realization.

Tailored aerators

Adaptation of equipment on a changing site of aeration system

  • Special adaptation plates
  • Tailor made realization

Submersible mixers

On this file we had to manage the adaptation of the material on the civil engineering without possibility of emptying the basin in order to realize the lower fixation.

Reagent preparation station

For this family, our most significant “tailor-made” was a series of stations on board a small carrier in order to be able to decontaminate aircraft returning from NBC combat (Nuclear, Biological or Chemical) .

The reagents used were of 3 orders: powder and 2 liquids which with different proportions and recipes perfectly matched the chosen decontamination. Taking into account these specifications led to a series of “made to measure” machines


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